The Caribbean isn’t paradise for thousands of homeless and starving stray dogs.

our core values

Come together


 The 4 Days 400 project team is made up of a collection of veterinary professionals from all across the United States. Every volunteer brings with them a unique set of skills that fill a specific niche within the team. Hailing from Wisconsin, Michigan, San Francisco or Virginia, our relationships are built upon professionalism and a shared passion for helping others. Many volunteers will meet for the first time on site and need to find a way to work effectively together. Thankfully, there is no hierarchy and there are no egos. There is only mutual respect for each unique set of experiences and training that every person brings, a difference to be made and a plan to make it happen. 

Quality Medicine


 Sterilization campaigns do not need to compromise quality of care even in the field. We are blazing a trail by providing the type of care seen in some of the best practices stateside. We aren’t compromising quality for quantity yet we are making an impact. We are providing top-notch analgesia and implementing low-stress handling techniques because that is what we do. Our goal is to treat what is treatable, manage surgical pain and prevent infection so that our patients don’t just survive the procedure, but that they are able to thrive after it.  



Cultural sensitivity is the knowledge, awareness and acceptance of other cultures. It allows individuals to successfully navigate a culture different from their own and helps to gain a new perspective on the world; this goes a long way towards reducing barriers.

It is not realistic to enter a country, set up a veterinary clinic and think that indigenous peoples will be open to having you there. It takes a lot of legwork, planning and colleagues in the project country to help make things happen. We need to understand the needs of the community, we need to be invited to help and we need to be sensitive and understanding to our differences. Only then can we come together and make a difference. 

"Be kind to every kind, not just mankind."

A. D. Williams

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